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Why perform dry disinfection ?

Aerial Surface Disinfection is a technique for applying a disinfectant agent using air for diffusion.

The objective of this process is to disinfect surfaces (equipment, walls, floors) by releasing an active substance into the atmosphere. The only dry disinfection method is the ultradiffusion technique: it consists in producing smoke with an active disinfectant ingredient (FUMISPORE OPP, FUMISPORE HA) causing the particles in the air to settle on the floor, purifying the air and disinfecting surfaces.

The dry ultradiffusion technique is particularly useful when added moisture is prohibited (bakery-confectionery sector). This stand-alone procedure (just lighting a wick) does not require any special equipment for applying the treatment. Its effectiveness can be verified with a microbiological air sampler (AIR TEST®).

The range of products we offer are both bactericidal and fungicidal.

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