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What is meant by hygiene? What measures should be implemented ?

Hygiene is a set of rules and practices related to maintaining health. It can be broken down into several topics :
- personal hygiene: personal care (cleanliness of the body, clothes, cleanliness in lifestyle: kitchen utensils, housecleaning).
- food hygiene: consuming balanced, healthy food (not spoilt, not polluted).
- collective hygiene: all the rules designed to prevent or eliminate the propagation of contagious diseases.

Specific measures are needed to maintain a good level of hygiene.

LCB food safety has solutions for :
- personal hygiene: cleaning and disinfection of hands with a hydroalcoholic gel (antiseptic);
- production environment hygiene: enzyme cleaning and detergence, use of cleaning wipes, disinfection with liquid or dry spray products, disinsectisation solutions using ultradiffusion.

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