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What is disinfection ? What effective solutions are there ?

Disinfection is an operation performed at a given time to destroy micro-organisms* and/or deactivate undesirable viruses found on inert supports (*present at the time of the operation). The aim is to reduce surface contamination to an acceptable level in view of :
- good quality food products;
- preserving consumer health;
- smooth production process operations.

LCB food safety offers solutions for liquid or aerial disinfection that can be adapted to your processes.

To deal with any contamination, before performing disinfection and to prevent recontamination, it is of utmost importance to :
- know exactly what contaminating strains are involved;
- understand the sources/vehicles of the contamination.
Our experts from LCB food safety can help you in this process of identifying your contaminants and improving your contamination risk control.

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