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What is a disinfection procedure and how do I implement one ?

A disinfection procedure is a detailed plan of disinfection phases and methods to ensure you make a safe product. Disinfection is the last link in the hygiene plan chain: it is first and foremost necessary to perform effective cleaning to guarantee clean surfaces, without mineral or organic soiling. The rinsing step must then be performed. The disinfection procedure concerns:
- disinfection of process equipment and surfaces with a liquid disinfectant (LCB 130B ; LCB 111AT)
- aerial disinfection of surfaces by fogging (LCB 130 B air) or ultradiffusion (FUMISPORE OPP, FUMISPORE HA).

The disinfection procedure should include the following parameters :
- the type of product used for which type of location;
- product dose to be used;
- ideal conditions of use (temperature, relative humidity, presence or absence of food and/or personnel). The last parameter should consist in verifying:
- correct application of this procedure in the field;
- then its real effectiveness under the conditions of use, by microbiological validation (surface samples – air samples – field audits).

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