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What are bacteria? How can I control their impact on my production environment ?

Bacteria are unicellular micro-organisms that are invisible to the naked eye (size in the µm range). These living creatures are found everywhere in the environment and can multiply very quickly (doubling their population in 20 minutes). Most are inoffensive or beneficial to human or animal organisms. Some bacteria are used for technological purposes (treating waste water, producing yogurts and cheeses, industrial production of chemical compounds, etc.).

Others can be pathogenic (able to cause disease): Listeria, Staphylococci, Salmonella, etc.

In many sectors of the food industry, producers have to fight undesirable bacteria, sources of contamination in the finished product, while preserving the technological flora needed for production (curing, cheese, yogurt and drinks sectors, etc.).

Our experts from LCB food safety can help you to control the microbiological balance needed in your production environment by providing solutions adapted to your problems.

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