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Ultrad®, food safety concerns your production lines
and store shelves.

Ultrad® is the solution for industries of the agro-food chain.
This brand is based on LCB food safety expertise and on a full range of products
promoting the respect of consumer and operator health.


Our experts offer you the best solution to destroy all types of organic foulings
with the Clearzym pack, a range of ecocertified enzymatic detergents:

  • Clearzym LT, for cold water foam application (10–60°C)
  • Clearzym CIP, Special formula for application in circuits, tunnels, etc.


The presence of bacteria (Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli), yeast and mould (Aspergillus, etc.) can endanger the whole agro-food processing chain. Our experts help you fight the risks of contamination with the ultradiffusion of the following products:

Air Purifying

Food safety is also preserving air quality in your units. Our experts offer the best solution to master risks of microbiological contamination and fight against smell problems:

Pest control

Flies, tribolium and other flying and crawling insects can degrade the quality of your production. Our experts bring sustainable solutions:

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