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How can I improve my contamination risk control ?

Now more than ever, your agri-food company needs specialists for preventing and controlling risks in your production facilities.

Since 1963, LCB food safety has been sharing its experience in the field of hygiene in industrial environments and in the analysis of the risks of air-surface microbiological and chemical contamination. The company proposes its technical tools to help you to find the right answers to your problems.
Our experts provide you with solutions in the following areas:
- controlling the physical quality of air (study of the airflow in the product environment),
- controlling the chemical quality of air (evaluating the risk of chemical exposure),
- preventive and protective measures for the personnel, the consumer, the environment and the industrial facilities,
- microbiological measurements in air (evaluation of the microbiological quality of the air to understand and control contamination factors and dissemination methods, qualifying the performances of air treatment units, identifying points for improvement),
- personalised training in microbiological safety,
- a regulatory and technological watch service.

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