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How can I avoid contamination in my products ?

A contaminant is an undesired element in a food product. It may be chemical, physical (foreign body), allergenic or microbiological. A microbiological contaminant is a micro-organism not initially called for in the food product (it is not part of the “normal” flora).

Food products are more or less sensitive to microbial contamination. A distinction should be made between \contamination\" and \"development\". We speak of contamination when a micro-organism is deposited or is contained in a food product. Development follows when the micro-organism proliferates in the product. Thus, a food product contaminated by a micro-organism may not be very sensitive to it if it does not allow it to develop: little water available, presence of preservatives, etc.

Our experts from LCB food safety can help you in identifying your contaminants, their sources/vehicles of propagation, and offer you various solutions (prevention and eradication of the contamination).

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