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Fumagri®, food safety starts in your facilities.

Fumagri® is the solution for the farming environment.
This brand is based on LCB food safety expertise and on a full range of products
which aim at ensuring the safety of consumers and operators.


Bacteria (Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli) and mould (Aspergillus, etc) can jeopardize the whole food processing chain. Our experts in the field will help you identify and eliminate any source of contamination In your livestock with our range of products :

Air control & animal welfare

Food safety also includes preserving the quality of the air in your farm. Our experts offer the best solution to master the risks of microbiological contamination, preserve the well-being of your animals and act on behalf of food safety:

Pest control

Our experts provide the right solution to protect your animals and make your business sustainable by fighting against flying and crawling insects:


Our experts are here to help you clean your livestock and hatcheries with our range of enzymatic certified Ecodetergent:

  • Clearzym LT for cold water foam, low temperature (10–60°C)
  • Clearzym CIP Special formula for application in circuits, tunnels, etc.

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