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"Health, the environment and food safety: my absolute priorities"

“My passion for nature stems from my earliest childhood when I spent my holidays with my grandfather, former Sub-Director of Haras Nationaux, who bred sheep and limousin cattle. It was due to this “original” attachment to the land that I ended up studying agriculture.
It was in the 70s, as a young student and already a supporter of “Nature et Progrès”- the Belgian association for the protection of the environment -, that my adventures began, starting with a “hippie” pottery course in the Rouergue and continuing in Kiev, at the international breeders’ show, along with Interagra and the famous Jean-Baptiste Doumeng. They then took me to Dorset, in the south of England, where I worked as a trainee on a large farm and wrote a dissertation on crossbreeding between dairy and meat breeds. Finally, I spent two years at the Sidi Bel Abbes National Institute of Agronomic Research, in Algeria, where I taught as part of my active national service.

At the age of 24, with all this experience under my belt, I took over a 240 hectare family estate in Burgundy and became a farmer/breeder. This was followed by five years of hard work to get the farm up and running again... Until the day when chance and circumstance led me into the world of business and I took over LCB with my brother. As head of the Sales Department, I learnt all about the food industry, particularly the cheese-making sector, while attending ICI and CPA courses, in Paris. In 2000, a significant year due to the introduction of the European Biocides regulation, I came to understand the importance and challenges of food safety and decided to make LCB a model of excellence in this regard. Then my life was deeply affected by some personal events which caused me to revise my system of values and my priorities. In 2009, I met Bill Drayton, the founder of ASHOKA. I started working with this foundation as an ASN (ASHOKA Support Network) and initiated myself in social entrepreneurship through some simple projects. This experience made me revise my business model and consider health, the environment and food safety as my and my company’s priorities more than ever, to such an extent that in 2012, we changed our name and became “LCB food safety” to declare this commitment more firmly.”

Patrick de la Chesnais, LCB food safety

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